Clevergene official 2021 calendars launched #ScientistsMatter

Clevergene has announced the launch of their official calendar for 2021 with the theme #ScientistsMatter. It has been launched in two versions – a poster and a desk calendar. The calendars have been sent to more than 3000 scientists across India, honouring their spirit and service to mankind.

Continuing on the theme from last year, “2020 Year of Scientists”, Clevergene continues to recognise and appreciate the contribution of scientists to our society, our lives, our planet.

Last year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the world watched in awe as these uncaped warriors, armed with their science, jumped to the rescue of mankind. They still continue to lead the charge with their impactful discoveries into the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the pandemic it is inflicting. Their research is being translated into better diagnostics, vaccines and treatments for everyone.

Seldom recognised for their contributions, mostly working away from limelight and fame, earning a modest living, they continue their journey with an unwavering resolve of pushing the frontiers of science. Physicists, Biologists, Epidemiologists, Chemists, Astronomers, Mathematicians, Geologists, Computer Scientists and researchers from numerous other fields, impact our lives in so many ways, that a large majority of us don’t even realise.

The device we are using to read these words, the environment we are in, the food that we consume, the medicine that treats us, the transportation we use, from the conspicuous to the inconspicuous, all large and small parts of our daily life are touched by the work of some scientist.

It is time to acknowledge and accept that “Scientists Matter”. Yes they do. More than we know!

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