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Explore the potential of genomics to accelerate your discoveries through our diverse solutions. We implement novel technologies, rigorously validate the assays and analytics workflows to deliver consistent results.

Genome Sequencing

Bespoke sequencing solutions to assemble, annotate and functionally analyse genomes. Rapid identification of functional genetic variants across the genome, exome or a targeted set of genes. Accelerate biomarker discovery for healthcare, precision medicine and agriculture.

Genome sequencing and Analysis

High resolution sequencing of small and large genomes. Tailored data analysis workflows to suit project specific goals.

Exome sequencing and Analysis

Enrichment and sequencing of human exome covering more than 20,000 genes.

Plastid Genome Sequencing and Analysis

Sequencing, assembly and annotation of Mitochondrial and Chloroplast genomes in any species.

Targeted Sequencing and Analysis

Custom enrichment and sequencing of targeted genes of interest in human genome.

Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS/ddRAD)

Choose between GBS or ddRAD workflows to suit your marker discovery needs.

Epigenome Sequencing

Genome wide profiling of DNA methylation, histone modifications and DNA-protein interactions. Discover epigenetic switches regulating gene expression, cell proliferation, tissue differentiation and chromosome stability.

ChIP Sequencing and Analysis

Genome wide DNA–protein interactome profiling of transcription factors, histone proteins and chromatin modifying enzymes.

Genome-wide Bisulphite Sequencing and Analysis

Quantitative profiling of methylated cytosines on a genome wide scale and analysing its role in pivotal biological processes.

Reduced Representation Bisulphite Sequencing

Cost effective DNA methylation profiling at single-nucleotide resolution in CpG Islands and promoter regions of the genome.

MeDIP Sequencing and Analysis

Methylated DNA immunoprecipitation followed by sequencing for assessment of DNA methylation using 5mC specific antibody.

Metagenome Sequencing

Metagenomic solutions unveils the diversity, functional significance and evolutionary relationships of microorganisms.  Genome level characterization of microbial communities in environmental, agricultural and clinical settings are provided.

Shotgun Metagenome Sequencing and Analysis

Deep sequencing of total DNA in the sample for identification, profiling and functional analysis of all microbes present.

Bacterial 16S V3-V4 rRNA Sequencing and Analysis Analysis

Cost effective Identification and profiling of bacteria in diverse sample types.

Fungal ITS2 Sequencing and Analysis

Fungal taxonomy, classification and diversity analysis by sequencing Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 (ITS2).
Service Input Sample TAT Data Specification Analysis Deliverables
Shotgun Metagenome Sequencing and Analysis 200ng DNA 8 weeks Illumina 2X150 30 million reads Microbial Identification
Gene prediction
Bacterial 16S V3-V4 rRNA Sequencing and Analysis 6 weeks Illumina 2X300 0.1 million reads OTU assignment
Alpha Diversity Beta Diversity
Fungal ITS2 Sequencing and Analysis

RNA Sequencing

Deep sequencing of RNA for transcriptome-wide analysis of differential gene expression and alternate splicing of mRNAs, expression profiling of smallRNAs and long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). Assemble, annotate and discover transcripts in orphan species that do not have a reference genome.

Bacterial Transcriptome Sequencing and Analysis

RNA sequencing for differential gene expression analysis and functional annotation in prokaryotic organisms.

Eukaryotic mRNA Sequencing and Analysis

Sequencing of eukaryotic poly-A mRNAs, differential expression profiling and functional annotation. Discover splice variants and rare transcripts with optional deep sequencing and proprietary data analytics workflows.

Eukaryotic Transcriptome Sequencing and Analysis

Discover long non-coding RNAs and study their significance in regulating crucial molecular switches along with protein coding mRNAs.

Small RNA Sequencing and Analysis

Identify small RNAs associated with post transcriptional gene regulations leading to loss or gain of functions.

Single Cell Expression

Capture cellular heterogeneity arising from stochastic expression of genes using Single Cell RNA-seq. Profile gene expression in individual cells and observe rare or intermediate cell states that cannot be captured using bulk RNA sequencing.

Single Cell RNA Sequencing and Analysis

3’ Transcriptome expression at single cell resolution to uncover cellular differences masked by bulk RNA Sequencing

Single-Cell Immuno-Profiling and Analysis

5’ Transcriptome analysis for immune cell profiling

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